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Our Policy

Klub Afriko is a small Tanzanian-owned company and we plan to keep it that way. We feel that the best way to serve our clients is on an individual basis. We DO NOT have pre-packaged safaris with set dates. We DO NOT lump strangers together into a mini-van and hope they all get along. We DO NOT travel in caravans of vehicles, all arguing where and when to go. We DO NOT dictate your daily program just to suit us. Instead, each client or group of clients that contact us is treated as an individual group. If you are a party of 2, then you two have the vehicle to yourselves. We work with our clients to develop an itinerary that suits THEIR needs and interests. You decide when to come to Tanzania and we will help you create a program around your dates. We will suggest venues based on your interests and accommodation preferences. Once you have agreed on your program, the daily activities are up to you: when to go for game drives, how long to sit and observe elephants or lions, where to go for specific wildlife, how fast or how slow to hike, etc. This personalized safari is YOURS for the making… let us know how we can help you!

Our History

Klub Afriko has been in business for 11 years.  We started out as a cultural orientation center for visitors and student groups.  We provided Kiswahili language instruction, classrooms, and home stay opportunities for the School for International Training (SIT from Vermont, USA) based in Arusha for the past 9 years.   Many student groups from other universities and high schools have come through Klub Afriko for cultural and language learning opportunities.  We currently work with 3 SIT programs to develop and conduct their safari programs all over Tanzania – to the Serengeti, to visit the waHadza “bushmen” near Lake Eyasi, to the tropical rain forests of the Eastern Arc Mountains, to Mikumi and Ruaha National Parks in the south, and other unique areas of Tanzania.    In addition to these student groups, we host other community service groups and help them organize work camps in the Arusha area.

Since those early days, we expanded our programs to include hiking expeditions up Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru, hiking programs in the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands, cultural programs at Maasai villages where clients and Maasai people can interact and learn from each other, photographic safaris to all the Tanzanian National Parks and Game Reserves, and special interest programs like adult educational safaris (the WATU program).  We hold a valid TALA license for conducting tourist programs, which affords protection for clients and tour operators.

Our staff is well trained and specialized in distinct aspects of tourism.  One of the owners, Gideon Saul, was a ranger in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area for 10 years.  Dina Matthews, Program Specialist, is a trained ecologist and former Peace Corps Volunteer.  Another Director of the company is also a returned Peace Corps volunteer and teacher of environmental education programs in Tanzania.

As a locally owned business we are deeply committed to serving the Arusha community. That is why we use only local vendors and make every effort to bring our clients to locally-run conservation projects.   It is our aim to promote sustainable tourism with an emphasis on environmental and cultural conservation. 

Our Programs

We offer a wide range of tours, safaris, hiking expeditions and cultural activities. We attract many tourists who are interested in something "off the beaten track" or a more intense cultural experience. You can choose from wildlife viewing (photographic safari) in the Northern Parks or Southern Parks and Reserves , mountain climbing on our Hiking Expeditions, walking through unique ecosystems on an Educational Walking Safari, take a trip into the bush with the Maasai on the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands Hike, hike through the tropical rain forests on an Educational Safari in the Eastern Arc Mountains, relax on the glorious beaches of Zanzibar, or take advantage of unique Cultural Opportunities.

The best time to visit the National Parks in Tanzania is between the months of May and November. The short rains come in December-January and the long rains hit again around March till May. It is NOT a predictable pattern, and East Africa has seen some crazy weather in the last few years; droughts followed by floods, for example. We cannot promise it will not rain, but as we begin our dialogue, we will tell you how the weather patterns are panning out at that time. For Kilimanjaro, the best time to climb is June-August when it is likely to be dry... but it will be cold! Zanzibar is hot ALL year round, but it is less so during the months of June-September. Just remember - the Indian Ocean is there to cool you off!

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