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The Northern Pare Mountains

The Pare Mountains are a range of mountains east of Kilimanjaro. This is an area rarely seen by visitors and a place where tourism is still in its infancy. Here you can enjoy extensive walking in the mountain forest reserves and get a peek into rural African culture. The land is extremely fertile and the people make efficient use of it through traditional terrace fanning and irrigation methods. Further up in the mountains are natural forest and moorlands, where you can enjoy terrific walks and look for monkeys and many bird species. You can go for light walks in the area, or if you are more fit, you can engage in more strenuous mountain climbing. In addition to being able to escape on beautiful walks, you can learn about the Pare Culture. Reminders of the Colonialist Period can be seen in some of the villages and traditional history can be seen in such places as the Goma Caves where the villagers keep the skulls of 40 chiefs killed in tribal and colonial wars. Local farmers can tell you traditional stories of the mountains arid about ceremonies that still take place in the forests. Walking through the villages you will get to see first hand how people are living: you pass local markets, local potters and brick makers, farms, schools and clinics, and even local breweries. In the Pare mountains you will be led by local guides and contributions are made to local village councils to encourage such activities as: local energy-saving stoves, tree nurseries, school supplies, etc.. Hikes in the S Pare Mountains can be as short as 3 days or as long as 7 days with accommodation in tents and local guest houses.

A sample itinerary could be:

Day 1: Leave Arusha early and arrive at Pare Village for lunch. The afternoon can be spent exploring the village with camping or Guest House accommodation.

Day 2: A full day hike through the Kindoroko Forest and return to Pare Village for night.

Day 3: Hike to Shigatini Village. Accommodation in Village or camping.

Day 4: A full day of climbing the Kamwala Mountain. Return to camp in late afternoon.

Day 5: Enjoy the morning on the mountain and return to Arusha in the late afternoon for a dinner at Klub Afriko.

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