What makes Klub Afriko Safaris different from the other safari companies?

Many things, but the most important three for you are: 

1) a personal touch - we take only you and your family and friends. The biggest complaint against larger safari companies is that you end up being herded into vehicles with different people that may have different interests, languages, "comfort zones", and no control over the little day to day things that make your safari more enjoyable.

2) price: we can offer you the same safari and the same service as the big tour companies but at lower prices. You can choose from luxury or moderate accommodations, or basic camping in the bush. The price we quote you is all inclusive - which simply means that you will be taken care of from the moment you land at Kilimanjaro International Airport to the moment you leave to return to your home.

3) simplicity: for many people, the thought of traveling to Africa strikes a fear of the unknown. Do not worry. We will take care of all the groundwork here in Tanzania. All you must do is: a) purchase your return air ticket to/from Tanzania or Nairobi, Kenya; b) obtain a visitors Visa from the Tanzania Embassy in your country; c) get the necessary vaccinations (the TZ visa form will have this information) and a supply of anti-malaria pills.

4)  trustworthy:   Klub Afriko is a small Tanzanian-owned and operated tour company.  We have been taking people on safari and up Mt. Kilimanjaro for 11 years.   We have our own fleet of safari-equipped Land Cruisers and Land Rovers, with a staff of professional driver/guides.  We are fully licensed by the Tanzanian Tour Operators Association to take clients anywhere in Tanzania - all the National Parks and Game Reserves, and many places off-the-beaten-track, out in the bush for a truly unique and private experience.   Because we are Tanzanian-owned, we can obtain permits for special programs and campsites.  We do not rely on overseas contractors and vendors.  Most importantly, we are family-run business and we want to keep it that way.   We have the recommendation of the Tanzanian Tourist Board.

If you decide to join us on a safari, we will advise you on what to bring for your safari and/or hiking trip, provide a bibliography on relevant books about East African culture, history and wildlife, and answer all your questions right up to the day you leave for Tanzania.

Kwaheri - goodbye for now, we hope to be in touch soon!

The Staff at Klub Afriko Safaris

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