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Dinner tent in a luxury camp

The Northern Parks Circuit offers several permanent luxury tented camps with options to walk out in the bush. These "camps" are composed of a few large canvas tents with protective thatched roofs. It is anything but rustic… hot showers and lights powered by solar energy, comfortable beds and lounge chairs, a "den" tent with books, cognac and stories to be told, excellent international cuisine served with exemplary standards out under the African skies, gourmet coffee and tea as you relax between walks and game drives. It is truely a luxurious experience.

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Inside a permanent "tent" at Natolia

Because they are located outside the Parks or they possess special permits from the National Parks, their trained guides can take you for a walking safari - looking for animal tracks, birds, different plants and interesting artifacts. The resident naturalists can explain the intricate behavior or ecology of the wildlife, and you can sit and observe as long as you wish. 

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