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Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb

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Mt. Kilimanjaro - D. Matthews

The largest peak in Africa… the largest free-standing mountain in the world… if you are reasonably fit, you can reach the summit (Uhuru Peak) and look out over East Africa. There is no special equipment or expertise needed to ascend "Kili" because the routes have been chosen to allow a slow gradual hike. You just need a good pair of broken-in hiking boots. We recommend a 6 day hike up Kili which includes one day of acclimatization between 10,000 and 15,000 ft. There are several routes to chose from and they vary by steepness and popularity. The Marangu, or "Coca-Cola" Route is easiest and the most frequented trail on Kilimanjaro. The Machame, or "Whiskey" Route is more physically demanding, as is the Shira Route and Western Breach (this route requires a minimum of 6 days on the mountain, and 7 days are recommended). All the routes afford amazing views as you hike through a variety of habitats - low montane forest, cloud and rain forest, heath or moorland with huge lobelia plants, the alpine desert and of course, the magnificent glacier walls. A good description of the hike and its various routes can be found in the "Lonely Planet’s" Guide to Trekking in East Africa.

Mt. Kilimanjaro peak

What you need...

All you need for a hike with Klub Afriko is your water-proofed boots, layered clothes, full rain gear, warm hat and gloves, sleeping bag (warm down to 0 F) and sleeping pad, and lots of enthusiasm! We cover all national park fees, and provide the tents (where needed - most of the time you will sleep in Park huts at the designated campsites), cook, porters (as required by Park policy), certified guide, all food and boiled drinking water. You will be transported to and from the Park gate from your hotel.

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Mt. Meru Climb

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Mt. Meru - D. Matthews

Mt. Meru is part of the Arusha National Park located 45 km from Arusha town. The Park contains the 4556m high mountain, Ngurdoto Crater, the Momella soda lakes, as well as thick cloud and montane forests, acacia woodlands and grasslands. Home to elephants, huge herds of buffalo, bushbuck, giraffe and duiker, the Park is the also the best place to observe the unique black-and-white colobus monkeys. 

Mt. Meru peak (as seen from Klub Afriko)

The hike up Mt. Meru is more physically demanding than Kilimanjaro, albeit only a 3-4 day hike (many climbers use this hike as a warm-up to Kili). The first stage takes you through the acacia woodlands, past resident herds of buffalo and giraffe and up to the base camp hut. The summit can be reached in 3 days but many people take 4 days to really explore the mountain. The accommodation and provisions are the same as on our Kilimanjaro Expedition.

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