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Cultural and Language Opportunities

Homestay Opportunities in Kimandolu

We at Klub Afriko run a Cultural Centre and provide interested individuals or groups with the opportunity to live with a Tanzanian family in the surrounding Kimandolu community. These families are hand-selected by us for their dependability, hospitality, and openness to new experiences. We conduct periodical interviews with families that express interest in hosting a visitor. While staying at your host family's house you will participate in all facets of their daily lives from cooking, to gardening, to learning some basic Kiswahili. Many of the participants in these homestays form lasting friendships that transcend the two to three week visit.

Homestay opportunities are available for groups of 10 or more.

Work Camps

We also hold Work Camps in the Kimondolu community. These consist of short term projects (1-3 weeks) that directly benefit the community at large. Some examples include painting the local primary or secondary school; digging community pit latrines; starting a community garden; building a cement structure for community use; or any other project your group has in mind. The participants are housed and fed either at Klub Afriko or the Work Camp can be held concurrently with a Homestay (in this case the participants would be placed at homes in the community). The duration of the Work Camp would depend upon the type of project. We can accommodate up to 25 people at a Work Camp.

Kiswahili Language Training

At Klub Afriko we have expert language trainers (used by SIT, Yale University, an Washington University students) and classroom facilities for interested persons.

Please contact us for more information.

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