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Camping in the Serengeti

This is basic camping in the bush… very exciting to say the least!  You can fall asleep listening to the incredible sounds of the animals getting ready for the night.  Zebra alarm calls, the whoop of the hyena, the roar of the lions looking for food.  Keep your tent zipped! The public campsites in the National Parks are few and they are very basic.  There are pit latrines and cold showers – that’s it.  There is no protection structure or building, no bars, no discos.  We provide you with a great cook to prepare all your meals, 2-person tents, eating utensils, 3 meals a day and coffee/tea breaks, and boiled drinking water.  We can also bring along sodas or alcohol for you to purchase as you wish.  You just bring your sleeping bag and pad and lots of enthusiasm.

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