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Jambo!  Welcome to Klub Afriko Safaris.  We want to invite you to East Africa for the adventure of your lifetime.... a safari to the Serengeti to see the migration herds… afternoons watching elephants take their mud bath… lion cubs playing… evenings telling stories by the fire…  a glimpse into the unique world of the Maasai… a trek up the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro… diving to see the spectacular coral reefs of Zanzibar… these don’t have to be dreams.  These are real possibilities.

There are hundreds of safari companies out there... each with their own philosophy.

There are hundreds of people looking for a great adventure... each with their own interests.

What are YOU looking for?

You could spend your 10 days stuffed in a mini-van with 6-8 other strangers... fighting over whether to move on or sit and watch a pair of cheetah assess a herd of gazelle... trying to be polite to the other people, but really wanting to game drive another hour up until sunset.... wishing you could see better out the window, but someone's head is in the way... hearing the driver say  “time’s up, gotta go.”

Or, you can have the perfect private safari of your dreams. Going WHERE you want WHEN you want, with no one to answer to.

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Our Philosphy...

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